JFELIONTM is the latest development in the JFE Steel premium connection series. Designed and proven to provide full pipe body performance in all pressure and axial load combinations. JFELIONTM has been tested and validated according to ISO 13679:2002, ISO/FDIS 13679:2011 and API 5C5 procedures for testing casing and tubing connections.

JFELIONTM has been designed and validated to the latest industry standards to meet the needs for critical well loads, including HPHT applications.


Designed for performance

  • Standard and special clearance coupling OD's
  • Carbon steel, Chrome, and CRA grades
  • Streamlined internal design
  • Available with the Hunting Clear-RunTM system
  • JFELIONTM HW available wall thickness up to 1.350"
  • Fully evaluated high bending performance
JFELION performance
Reduced gap between stabbing flanks.Increased resistance to compressive loads.
Negative 5° load flank angle on threads.Enhanced bending and tension capacity.
15° stabbing flanks.Ease of stabbing and running.
Multi-radius seal profile.Stable seal contact with wide contact area.
Optimized for pipe d/t ratio.Maximum performance for each size.